Plano Veneers and Implants

Nightguards for Teeth Grinding

Nightguards are made of a clear acrylic and can be priceless when worn by a patient who has a severe bruxing (grinding) problem. Nightguards also will act as a retainer (orthodontic) and keep teeth from drifting for a lifetime.

For patients who are severe bruxers a nightguard can be worth thousands of dollars in preventing wear and tear of teeth as well as crowns and bridges. Nightguards also help prevent breakage of teeth and porcelain crowns. The more often a person wears a nightguard, the more they are protecting their teeth.

All adults will benefit from wearing a nightguard. Children cannot wear a nightguard until their full growth occurs. Patients who have two nightguards and alternate wearing them nightly give their teeth maximum protection.